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South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013(STUFF 2013) presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation and Music Walk announces Saturday Oct. 5th screenings at Richardson Performance Hall.

WHO: South Texas Underground Film(STUF) & Film ExChange

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation

WHEN: Saturday October 5th, 2013

WHERE: Richardson Performance Hall


12pm EL COYOTE: THE LAST MOVIE World Premiere
by Sergio Coyote & Damien Rodriguez(NY/Mexico)
Filmmakers In Attendance
Genre: Western
BAD… Just got WORSE A classic good verses evil story, a traditional western, set in present day Mexico. Here corruption and violence are the norm. And the only person who could help now has to be worse than the bad guys. A wandering devil worshiping serial killer named El Coyote comes to the terrorized village of La Cruz. And so many people need killing, he becomes the hero.
In the process of shooting a movie about the violence that has engulfed Mexico, that very violence came right into the film. A small band of cartel gangsters, ‘narcos’ got word of an American film crew making a movie in the area. They assumed we had lots of money so they paid a visit to the set. They murdered most of the crew and cast.

1:30pm THE EXPANSE OF HEAVEN(La extensión del cielo) US Premiere
by Karlos Alastruey(Spain)
Filmmaker In Attendance
Genre: Surreal Fantasy
Six people arrive by sea to a deserted continent. They try to survive in the middle of the wilderness, while a priest tries to get money from them.

3pm SUJET World Premiere by Geoff Norris(Canada)
Filmmakers In Attendance
Genre: Sci-Fi Drama
Sujet centers on a man who takes a job aboard a spacecraft that mines a gas cloud located 30 years from earth. The journey is undertaken while sleeping, meaning that for the 30 plus years of travel, the worker only ages 3 months. This constant sleep combined with long forgotten memories, and nightmares, shatters not only the identity of the sleepwalker but the structure of the film as well.

5pm SHORTS 5 Horror

Filmmakers In Attendance

sleepwalkSLEEPWALK World Premiere
by Laura Salvini(Italy)
Genre: Horror|Comedy
Red and Tob two paranoid projectionists, undergo a trivial snub during the work shift of one of their colleagues. They decide to take revenge with a cruel joke.

melancoliaMELANCOLIA World Premiere by Vojta Zak *(Žák)(Czech Republic)
Genre: Horror|Video Art
The film interprets the engraving Melancholia (1514) by the German Renaissance master Albrecht Dürer.
The emphasis is given on the symbolic Object – Dürer’s solid from the image that in the film stands for the student’s melancholy that haunts the woman/Angel hero. The film is trying to tell the story of the image in partially narrative and partially abstract way.

REFUGIO 115 by Ivan Villamel(Spain)
Genre: Horror|Fantasy|War
Year 1938, Barcelona. In the spanish civil war, a group of survivors escape from strange shadows at refuge 115.

8(EIGHT) by Raul Cerezo(Spain)
GENRE: Horror|Fantasy
At 8 years old; will, discipline and personality of a child begin to take shape, and the distinction between good and evil starts to be defined.The time to see our wish fulfilled came at last. His wish. Remain silent. You’re invited.

PosterforReckoningRECKONING Texas Premiere by Ivan Malekin(Australia)
Genre: Horror|Thriller
Clancy has just been released from jail. His first stop is his brother, Tom, and ex-girlfriend, Cassie, who are now a couple themselves. Clancy is here to reclaim his money, his girl, his life, shattering secrets buried in dirt. As the night spins out of control, a battle of wits ensues, rain and rage spiraling towards a fatal reckoning.

AROSE THE COWARD by Buddy Calvo(Tx)
Genre: Horror|Thriller
Andrew is a high school senior. He has no job, no friends, no girlfriend, no car and no money. Andrew has found an outlet in music and a girl he has a crush on named Rose. Our story takes place over the course of several days when Andrew’s routine life comes to a head.

space draculaSPACE DRACULA Regional Premiere by Kevin D. Lonano(Ny)
Genre: Experimental|Sci Fi
Captain Harker travels to a distant world to answer a mysterious distress signal.

MARIA US Premiere
by Iina Hänninen(Finland)
Genre: Horror
Maria’s idyllic life is shattered when her son disappears into the woods. Maria tries to find him, but is instead kidnapped by a strange man. Finally the veil of mystery parts to reveal the terrible truth.

7pm MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH by Don Thacker(Wa)
Filmmakers In Attendance
Genre: Horror|Fantasy|Dark Comedy
After a failed TV set leads to a failed suicide attempt, depressed and reclusive Ian Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni) begins taking life advice from a fungal growth in his filthy bathroom. A surprisingly smooth talking chunk of aspergillus, The Mold (Jeffrey Combs) works to win Ian’s trust by helping him clean himself up, remodel his lifestyle and, with luck, make some headway with the girl next door. When Ian begins receiving strange messages from his broken television set, however, the reality of his restyled life begins to crumble, exposing the gruesome and disturbing world into which Ian has actually been cast.

9pm STUFF’S SEVEN DEADLY SINS(Work In Progress) by Brett Mauser, Cary Cadena, Sergio Campa

10:15pm A MEASURE OF THE SIN Texas Premiere by Jeff Wedding(Tn)
Genre: Drama|Avant Garde
Every childhood is normal…to the child who lives it. For Meredith that means an enchanted seclusion that is shattered when she is deprived of her mother. Desperate and alone, Meredith must join a household with other women and their children, a sinister man who controls every facet of her existence, and a vicious bear that only she can see. As life in this world becomes increasingly strange and frightening, Meredith realizes that she must flee, even though she fears she has not learned enough to survive on her own.

*All films are not rated and may contain content not suitable for young and sensitive audiences. Please use discretion.

#STUFF2013 announces Fri Oct 4th #films #videoart #musicvideos @houseorock

South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013(STUFF 2013) presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation announces Friday October 4th films, visual art and music videos at the House of Rock.

WHO: South Texas Underground Film(STUF)

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival Presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation

WHEN: Friday October 4th, 2013

WHERE: House of Rock

FYI: South Texas Underground Film Festival is proud to announce the Films, Visual Art and Music Visuals that will be playing at the House of Rock on Friday Oct. 4th.

5:30pm Shorts 1 Block

upUP Texas Premiere by Scott Fitzpatrick(Canada)
Genre: Experimental
A spectral race to the top of a deconstructed department store escalator serves as a mediation between space and colour.

dubusDUBUS Texas Premiere by Alexei Dmitriev(Russia)
Genre: Experimental
A slow dance of the classical cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho.

HeartShapedBruisesHEART SHAPED BRUISES Texas Premiere by Diego Ramirez(Mexico/Australia)
Genre: Experimental|Video Art
Heart Shaped Bruises is a performance based video summoning an abstract scene of domestic violence as an allegory to explore gender roles and identification. Accentuating plasticity and artifice, the artist performs a couple made of two pervasive gender stereotypes, the “Femme Fatale” and “The Jock”.

FILTH Texas Premiere by Emma Varker(Australia)
Genre: Experimental
“FILTH” is a portrait of two heroin fueled lovers and their home-job tattoos.

Clint Enns<3++ Texas Premiere by Clint Enns(Canada)
Genre: Experimental|Video Art
A video game that lies somewhere in the realm of text based RPG, digital exploration and guide to sexual enlightenment.

by Nikita Bulgakov(Ukraine) Genre: Experimental Documentary
This story looks like a myth.
They are from different worlds: he is from USA, she is from Russia, he is young, she is older than him by 10 years. Traveling in a foreign country they meet each other. Everyone experiences this love in their own way, which we learn from their diaries…

abstractABSTRACT? Texas Premiere by Alexei Dmitriev(Russia)
Genre: Experimental
An unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract.

places with meaningPLACES WITH MEANING Regional Premiere by Scott Fitzpatrick(Canada)
Genre: Experimental Animation
In 1997 Microsoft created the Truetype dingbats font, Webdings, the highly anticipated sequel to Wingdings. Controversy had circulated around the original font, so for the sequel, special attention was paid to the places the ‘bats depicted and how those places were represented (intentionally or unintentionally). Made on recycled 16mm film in Microsoft Word.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 10.25.02 PMFAKE FEMININE Texas Premiere
by Hea Jung Joo
Genre: Experimental|Video Art
Fake Feminine is about female s in and out expression though the object, Wig. The video is demonstrate and presenting with unique atmosphere and mood against to consideration of feminine include feminism. To present the sense of mood, there are wigs, thread, blood, glasses and more method used with experimental techniques and a song used.

HermeneuticsHERMENEUTICS Texas Premiere by Alexei Dmitriev(Russia)
Genre: Experimental
A war film.

by Amartya Bhattacharyya(India)
Genre: Experimental Documentary
This film is an audio-visual that portrays two separate perceptions in parallel. The visual part of the film portrays a joyful reality that has lost its focus. The festive mood has been depicted through some cultural and religious ingredients to add the intensity of belief and devotion.
The audio part deals with a lady love, a love that has been juxtaposed as a goddess, for whom there is an everlasting search through the meandering streams of imagination. The film suggests an eternal cycle of thoughts, belief, life and love, and we the human beings are just like the planets being forced to follow the cyclic search for our destination, by virtue of our existence.

6:30pm SHORTS 2 Animations

CLINK by Alireza Nosrati(Iran)
A man is collecting coins and piling them up. Coins fall from above and he stacks them like stairs. The stairs go higher and higher and the man climbs up the coins to place the new one where it belongs. The job becomes more difficult with every new coin that falls from above… and the man adamantly keeps on staking them, as we wonder why?…

catalyst trial 8CATALYST: TRIAL 8 by Sebastian Kawar, Nick Eisele, Michael Mueller(Tx)
In a laboratory, a scientist catalyzes an experiment that results in a series of chain reactions that call into question Man’s power and his role in nature.

Heads and TailsHEADS AND TAILS Texas Premiere by Lana Simanenkova(UK)
A young hungry fox has something new to discover about people when he meets an unusual girl in a nearby village. She saves him from hunger in the harsh winter but a full belly is not the only thing the fox ends up with.

by Nelson Fernandes(Spain)
Lisa, a lonely girl, has been punished by her mother and she confined herself to her bedroom, where she feeds with her own tears her only friend, a plant.

How to care for introverts


by Leslie Supnet(Canada)
An animated instructional video on how one should deal with people whose personalities are characterized by extreme shyness and reserve.

by Seyed Mohsen Pourmohseni Shakib(Iran)
In a war videogame, where even the sun is evil, four missiles fired from a military airplane decide to destroy the world. But fortunately the children who live inside that game find a way to stop them.


7:30pm SHORTS 3 Experimental

CapacitiesCAPACITIES Texas Premiere by Kuesti Fraun(Germany)
A description of capacity, as it exists in general and un/limited nature for man and his environment.

IN STASIS((IN STASIS)) by Aaron Zeghers(Canada)
A hibernation meditation, to ward off seasonal depression in the ice oasis of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Created with the franken-milne strobe-o-scopic LED contact printer on 16mm. Special thanks to Andrew Milne.

ErasureERASURE Texas Premiere by Chance Taylor(Canada)
We monitor a teenage bodybuilder’s physical, emotional, and formal progress.

how to talk to kidsHOW TO TALK TO KIDS by Scott Fitzpatrick(Canada)
“8 mm. is a tool of defense in this society of mechanized corruption because through 8 mm. and its puny size we come closer to the dimensions of the atom” – George Kuchar. Shot for the 2011 WNDX One Take Super 8 Event, How to Talk to Kids is a ghostly, melancholic adaptation of The Life Cycle Series of educational books for children and parents.

the divided lineTHE DIVIDED LINE Regional Premiere by Mel Miskell(Canada)
A dark portrait of a dystopian nightmare, inspired by Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’.

benBEN Texas Premiere by Kuesti Fraun(Germany)
About running, about being behind, about big moments, about daily life..

where have you been all my lifeWHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Texas Premiere by Chance Taylor(Canada)
In the wake of a discovery, a husband and wife process the meaning of their relationship.

living on the edgeLIVING ON THE EDGE by Aaron Zeghers(Canada)
An anthropological peepshow of kingdom animalia’s state-of-affairs via frame-by-frame super 8. This animal’s history of wreck and ruin is the catharsis of a (formerly) lapsed vegetarian, brought to life by open exposure photography, light painting and other experimental techniques.

being homeBEING HOME Texas Premiere
by Kuesti Fraun(Germany)
Feeling comfortable is always a status of body and mind.

chromaCHROMA Texas Premiere
by Jeremy Moss(Pa)
In only three minutes, Chroma serves a bold mixture of flickering colors, body movements, and tempo changes as its mode of cinematic narration. The film forces the eye to look for focus in the struggle for space, between the dark-costumed performer and the flickering landscape of myriad colors. -Mahardika Yudha

spectroscopySPECTROSCOPY Texas Premiere
by Leslie Supnet(Canada)
A study of spectral colour during a long walk in the city.

swing lowSWING LOW Texas Premiere by Kuesti Fraun(Germany)
Two dudes jamming under the bridge.

THE VOICE OF GOD by Bernd Lützeler(Germany|India)
If God would come down to earth and try to earn a living in Bombay, most probably he would very soon become successful as a voice over artiste, lending his voice to thousands of hindi movies and even more documentaries and public service films in India. A melo-dramatic docu-drama with voice-over in stop-motion and long-time exposure.

8pm Music Visuals

by Rogelio Salinas(SA)

Broken down the walls NathanBROKEN DOWN THE WALLS MOVEMENT 3 The Curse, The Cross and The Lion Symphony by Nathan Felix(ATX)

spirit vineCOLD LIVING
by Mike Cuenca(Ca)

corpus music
by John Rosales(Tx)
Genre: Music Doc Promo

lightning in a jugLIGHTNING IN A JUG
by Paul Gonzalez(Tx)
Genre: Music Doc Promo

cavegirl untitledUNTITLED
by John Rosales(Tx)

*All films are not rated and may contain content not suitable for young audiences

STUFF in the running for @moviemakermag Top 5 Coolest Experimental/Underground Film Fest

For Immediate Release: August 30, 2013
Please publish and cross post in all Public Media outlets

Information Contact:
South Texas Underground Film
Cell: (361) 673 – 7862 Mariella
southtexasundergroundfilm (at) gmail.com

A Corpus Christi Film Fest in the running for a spot in Movie Maker Magazine’s “Top 5 Coolest Experimental/Underground Film Festivals” list.

WHO: South Texas Underground Film Festival(STUFF)

WHAT: STUFF is vying for a spot in Movie Maker Magazine’s “Top 5 Coolest Experimental/ Underground Film Festivals” list.

WHEN: 8/29/13 – 9/4/13

WHERE: Online http://www.moviemaker.com/articles/coolest-film-festivals-experimental-underground-voting/


South Texas Underground Film Festival(STUFF) is honored and pleased to announce that STUFF is in the running for a spot in Movie Maker Magazine’s “Top 5 Coolest Experimental/Underground Film Festivals” list.

South Texas Underground Film Festival is in Pool 2 and competing with film festivals from around the world. Competition ends Sept. 4th at 4pm.

What Movie Maker Magazine has to say about South Texas Underground Film Festival:

The South Texas Underground Film Festival is a festival designed to be all inclusive, featuring a mix of films of different lengths and from several different genres. The fest also features year-long programming, including an event entitled “Russian Winter: A Tribute to Sergei Eisenstein.” STUFF officially begins on October 3rd and continues through October 6th.

This fest has it all: films, workshops, live music. All kinds of STUFF.”



Information Contact:
South Texas Underground Film & Art Center of Corpus Christi
Ph: (361) 673 – 7862 Mariella (or) (361) 884 – 6406 Ameli
southtexasundergroundfilm (at) gmail.com
Sponsorship Opportunities: Ameli: ameli@artcentercc.org
Volunteer Opportunities: Treasure Marshall: treasuremarshall6@gmail.com
Advertising & Vendor Opportunities: 


WHO: South Texas Underground Film(STUF), Film ExChange, Art Center of Corpus Christi, Richardson Performance Hall and Music Walk

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival Presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation

WHEN: Thursday Oct. 3rd – Sun. Oct. 6th, 2013

WHERE: Richardson Performance Hall, Art Center of Corpus Christi, House of Rock, Downtown Corpus Christi

FYI: South Texas Underground Film Festival(STUFF) presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation is organized by South Texas Underground Film(STUF), Art Center of Corpus Christi(Art Center), Film ExChange, Richardson Performance Hall and MusicWalk.

South Texas Underground Film(STUF) wanted to be able provide a festival that showcased all kinds of work from filmmakers, visual artists and musicians while providing educational opportunities during the mini conference.

STUFF 2013 will take place October 3rd – 6th, 2013 in Corpus Christi, Texas. STUFF is a four-day International Film, Music, Visual Art Festival and Mini Conference that will take place at various locations throughout Corpus Christi.

Screening venues are Art Center of Corpus Christi, Richardson Performance Hall(with a second screening room) and House of Rock.Visual Art will be on display in the Bayview Room inside the Art Center at designated times. Music venues will be at various locations in Downtown Corpus Christi. Films from US, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, Israel, India, Russia, China, Australia, Spain, Iran, UK, Czech Republic, Italy, Serbia, Germany, Aruba, France, Scotland, Ukraine, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Chile are being represented with World, US, Regional and Texas Premier Status. International and US filmmakers will be in attendance. Film categories are Cine de Curios, Sisterhood and LGBT.

Mini Conference will take place at the Art Center of Corpus Christi on Saturday Oct. 5th: 11:30am Screenwriting(Bayview Room)- Michael Canales(Disney Fellow), 12:30pm Essentials In Filmmaking and Producing- Veronica Hernandez(President of NALIP-SA, Producer) 4pm Lighting and Camera for Digital Filmmaking- Gilbert Aguirre (Dept 13 Films, Academy of Art University Graduate, Cinematographer(8mm,Super 8, 16mm, 35mm and Digital)

Final detailed schedule will be posted soon at www.southtexasundergroundfilm.org

Badges can be bought at: flavorus.com/STUFF2013

*Schedule is subject to change

*Films are not rated and may contain adult content; viewer discretion is advised

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Thursday Oct. 3rd, 2013<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Opening Night 

Art Center: Registration starts at noon; BBQ, Beer & Music starts at 6pm Opening night films start at 7:30pm in the Devary Courtyard. PubCrawl starts at 9:30pm and ending with an After Party at the House of Rock.

         >>>>>>>>>>>>> Friday Oct. 4th, 2013<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Art Center:

Noon Registration, Screenings and Visual Art in the Bayview Room start at 1pm; 6:30pm Music by VIDACITAS(Courtyard), 5:30pm Badge Holder Mixer (2nd Level Courtyard), 5:30pm Dimensions Exhibit Opening & reception(Kucera Gallery), Courtyard screenings start at 7:30pm; last screening starting at 10:30pm with a Bike Ride immediately following.

Richardson Performance Hall:

Doors open at noon with first screening at 12:30pm; last screening starts at 10:30pm.

Downtown Corpus Christi:

5pm – 9pm ArtWalk


Street Fashion’s Night Out & STUFF After Party

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sat. Oct. 5th:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Art Center of Corpus Christi:

11:30am Screenwriting Workshop(Bayview Room)- Michael Canales(Disney Fellow), 12:30pm Essentials In Filmmaking and Producing Workshop- Veronica Hernandez(President of NALIP-SA, Producer) 4pm Lighting and Camera for Digital Filmmaking Workshop- Gilbert Aguirre (Dept 13 Films, Academy of Art University Graduate, Cinematographer(8mm,Super 8, 16mm, 35mm and Digital) 5:30pm Music by THE VARIATION Jazz (Devary Courtyard) & Badge Holder Mixer(2nd level Courtyard); Screenings start at 7:30pm with the last screening starts at 10:30pm

Richardson Performance Hall:

Doors open at noon, first screening starts at 12:30pm and last screening for the night starting at 10:30pm

Second Screening Room:

Doors Open at noon, first Screening 12:30pm; last screening starts at 3:45pm

House of Rock:

1pm Music Video Block 2pm MONDO FUZZ: TWILIGHT OF THE IDLES by Andy Ray Lemon(ATx) 4pm SUBCCULTURED: THE RISE OF DIY ROCK IN CORPUS CHRISTI(1985-1995) by Richard Guerrero(CC,TX), 6pm WHEN WE RULED H-TOWN by Joseph “J” Schneider(NOLA/HTX), 9pm Music by POOR DUMB BASTARDS(HTX), DOLLY ROCKERS(HTX), CHILDMAN(CC/HTX), More bands TBA; After Party after the bands play

Downtown Corpus Christi:

4pm MusicWalk(Retama Park) – Ultra Suede(Beaumont, TX) – Original Blues, Rock and a little Country;Cavegirl(CC,Tx) – Raw Blues Rock More bands TBA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sun. Oct. 6th:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Art Center of Corpus Christi:

11:30am Brunch with Lindsey Ashley(Texas Film Commission- Locations Scout)

Richardson Performance Hall- Del Mar College:

Doors open at 1pm first screening; last screening starting at 10pm.

Second Screening Room:

Doors Open at noon, first Screening 12:30pm; last screening starts at 3:45pm

After Party at Hidden Door

19 Teams have taken the #48cc : A #48hr #Film #Challenge! Here’s the list:




Let’s cheer on the 19 teams that are competing in the 48cc: A 48hr Film Challenge! Kick off time was 6pm. Teams have until 6pm Sunday at which time we will be screening their films. We’ll be cheering them on as they cross the finish line at Richardson Performance Hall’s big screen! We will still screen the films that are late. We have teams from South Texas filming from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. Here is the list of teams and their element. We picked the elements from the periodic table. Teams were given a rubric as well.





STUFF2012 Alum Niko Kostet’s PYRO Set To Premiere at STUFF 2014

906759_515690885155526_699462278_oSTUFF 2012 Alum and award winner, Niko Kostet(Christian Dreadful) will be returning to this years festival as STUFF’s Scandinavian Programmer and will be here again in 2014 premiering his latest feature PYRO as a filmmaker.

PYRO – When recession has closed the doors on the Fire and Rescue Dept.s in Turku, a dangerous Pyromaniac strikes the subsystem underneath the streets. Now the only hope is a group of volunteers, whom have to overcome their personal disputes to save Turku.

Starring Frans Isotalo, Tommy Johansson, Paula Kovanen, Katja Ryto, Dean Portnoj, Mark Sawalha and Erik Lindholm.

We cannot wait to see Niko’s latest work. Please like PYRO on Facebook to get the latest updates.

Music Video Challenge 2013 Teams & Thank You

318592_508399499182108_1900986671_nWe would like to thank everyone that came out to join us for the Music Video Challenge kick off. Thank you, Eric Calvert, for organizing such an awesome event. You did an amazing job, you are so cool and we cannot thank you enough! Thank you Sun Salutation, Switchblade Jesus, Bertha and Cavegirl for playing. You guys were amazing as always. Can’t wait for y’alls next show! Jason, thank you for painting. Can’t wait to see your finished project! Thank you House of Rock for letting us have the event there. Good times!

We were able to raise $350 that will go towards scholarships for our Youth Filmmaking Outreach Workshops. These scholarships are for kiddos who cannot afford to pay for the filmmaking workshops. Thank you everyone!

Here are the teams that were paired up:

  • Robzilla / Roel Guevara
  • Money Bosses Entertainment / Jace Cosby & Isaac Rodarte
  • Red Giant / Norman Navarro
  • Cavegirl / John Rosales
  • Sun Salutation / Micah DeBenedetto
  • Jared Pena / Stephanie Schumann & Melanie Granado
  • One Dollar Bob / Criss Cisneros
  • Koruptore / Chris Ambriz
  • J. Tagle / Roel Guevara
  • Steadfast / Jeremy Montalvo
  • The Golden Meanies / Deborah Leal & Annette Gutierrez
  • Bertha / Josh Deleon
  • The Blind Owls / Micah DeBenedetto

Here are some pics from the MVC 2013:





Michal Kosakowski / Zero Killed News


Wed, Jan 23, 2013, 7.30 pm @92YTribeca co-presented with Flaherty NYC

Filmmaker Michal Kosakowski (STUFF 2012 Alum) will be in attendance for a post-screening discussion with author Andy P. Smith and film participants Sergio Figueroa, Vitus Wieser and Dorit Oitzinger.


Continue reading

Looking for your entry – southtexasundergroundfilm@gmail.com – Gmail

NOW ACCEPTING YOUR SUBMISSIONS BY MAIL AND ONLINE! : Over the last 6 years MONO NO AWARE has become the premiere event to focus on the cinematic experience – blending moving image with performance and installation art. MONO NO AWARE is an international exhibition open to any person or group of persons making contemporary art/film that incorporates Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm or altered light projections as part of a sculpture, installation, dance, or expanded cinema performance. The sixth annual exhibiton is set for December 7th and 8th. Be sure to submit your work today! Deadline is October 31st 2012 – NO FEE to submit. Send us your work by traditional post OR by email with submission form attached.






The 2012 exhibition is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Community Arts Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc (BAC) and by the participants of MONO NO AWARE filmmaking workshops.

via Looking for your entry – southtexasundergroundfilm@gmail.com – Gmail.

Thank you to our AWESOME Panelists!

Where do we begin? Words cannot express how thankful we are that you shared your knowledge and expertise in the panels and roundtables. This was such an enriching experience. Those who partook in these sessions took everything you shared to heart. AMAZING! We are looking forward to next year and will continue to nurture our friendships throughout the year!

  • David Alvarado
  • Michael Canales
  • Veronica Hernandez
  • Luciano Holguin
  • Juan Manuel Gonzalez
  • Velia Gonzalez(Follow Velia on Twitter @Velia)
  • Joe Miraglio
  • Richard Tyson
  • Kerry Wallum