About South Texas Underground Film

South Texas Underground Film is an official Texas non-profit organization for filmmakers and those who enjoy the art of film, run by entirely by filmmakers (Directors, Producers, Screenwriters and Editors). Our goal is to teach the art of filmmaking to the community and to exhibit & promote the work of filmmakers with underground and independent visions especially those who have the DIY spirit. South Texas Underground Film's sole mission is to engage and inspire the community by screening films without discrimination, creating new films, teaching the art of filmmaking to the young and old, and networking with fellow filmmakers local and abroad. South Texas Underground Film wishes to provide a public presentation for the underground and independent filmmaker so that they can show and share their works. We are always accepting films of any genre, length and year for screenings and broadcasts(Internet and local Public Access).

#STUFF2014 Program!

#STUFF2014 Nov 14, 15 & 16 at the Art Center of Corpus Christi & 1321

STUFF2014festBring your gorgeous selves to the

2014 South Texas Underground Film Festival!


STUF, Art Center of Corpus Christi, 1321(Community Co-Op) and Texas Archives of Moving Images(TAMI)


The 2014 South Texas Underground Film Fest



Nov. 14, 15 & 16


Art Center of Corpus Christi and 1321
in beautiful Corpus Christi, Texas!

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STUFF 2014
Nov 14th
Nov 15th   – Day    -Night
Nov 16th

#STUFF2013 First Awards Announced: #MadeInCC #HechoEnTejas #LGBTQ #Sisterhood #CineDeCurios

Thank you for being patient on the awards. Congratulations to all 2013 Alumni and thank you for sharing your projects and hard work with us this year. We are truly honored. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING AWESOME!!





  • MARIA by Iina Hänninen(Thriller)
  • SAVAGE WITCHES by Clara Pais & Daniel Fawcett(Eye Candy/ Live Action Zine)
  • BREAKIN’ L.A. by Karla Lemus & Boris Castro(Documentary)


RIGHT STUFF awards will be announced no later than tomorrow(11/5/13) with the announcement of the STUFF 2013 films that are selected to screen at the Film ExChange event RXSM: Self Medicated Film Expo March 6-13, 2014 in Austin, Texas.