Thank you Art Center & STUFF Staff for everything!

We would like to thank and introduce our staff to you! This year in May STUF and the Art Center of Corpus Christi collaborated to bring to you Corpus Christi’s first International film festival. Close to 600 films were submitted and close to 200 films were selected to screen from 22 countries to be in competition. Submissions started in September of last year.

We knew we needed a home and together with the Art Center of Corpus Christi, we decided that since our mission statements were very similar, it was decided to bring South Texas Underground Film Festival to the Art Center of Corpus Christi and the downtown area.

Both organizations brought together an amazing staff from both organizations to help run STUFF both before and during the festival.

Thank you Dianna, for believing in and nurturing our growth as a non-profit film organization.

Thank you to all for working long hours and giving of yourself to help bring the art of film and cultural exchange to South Texas.

Everyone wore different hats and everyone helped each other in so many ways.

Please give a huge thank you to our staff for bringing such and amazing event!

Art Center of Corpus Christi

  • Dianna Bluntzer
  • Ava Barrett
  • Ameli Ramirez Leech
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Charlotte English

South Texas Underground Film | South Texas Underground Film Festival

  • Anthony Pedone
  • Travis Trevino
  • Brooke May Trevino
  • Josh Deleon
  • Charlotte English
  • Isaac Rodarte
  • Ana Galvan
  • Ruben Barrera
  • Micah DeBenedetto
  • Jo Val Gonzalez
  • Louis Garcia
  • Josh Rodriguez
  • Stephanie Olivarez
  • Matt Ivy
  • Horace Douglas
  • Mariella Sonam Perez
  • Robert Perez, Jr.