Second Wave of Officially Selected Films For STUFF: Long Shorts

For Immediate Release: August 8, 2012
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South Texas Underground Film
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WHO: South Texas Underground Film

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival announcement of Officially selected Long Shorts

WHEN: Sept 21st – 27th, 2012

WHERE: Art Center of Corpus Christi and Downtown Corpus Christi, Texas

SOUTH TEXAS UNDERGROUND FILM’S SOUTH TEXAS UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL(STUFF) CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – South Texas Underground Film proudly announces our second wave of officially selected films(Long Shorts) for the South Texas Underground Film Festival that will be held Sept. 21st – Sept. 27th. We are really proud of the selections that have been chosen to screen.  We made sure that we followed our mission statement:

South Texas Underground Film’s sole mission is to engage and inspire the community by screening films without discrimination, creating new films, teaching the art of filmmaking and networking with fellow filmmakers.

South Texas Underground Film wishes to expose Local and International Underground and Independent films that are diverse in film technique, background and culture by providing a public forum to the South Texas community.

Directed – Angela Aguayo(Carbondale, IL.)

*Screening: Tues. Sept. 25th 1:30pm in SHORTS 3 at the Art Museum of South Texas

In November 1970, University, State and Local police shot 778 Bullets into an off campus rental house in Carbondale, IL. The residence was rented to a handful of university students, some were assumed to be associated with the local Black Panther Party. Unlike other police raids of known Black Panther residences across the country, the Carbondale Panthers shot back. Using archive material, newspaper accounts, witness testimony and experts in the field, 778 Bullets recovers little known history of resistance and resilience of human struggle for self-determination. The dominant memory of the Black Panther Party would have us believe that the Panthers existed only in major urban cities; this story documents a more rural presence of radical politics and the struggle for civil rights.


Directed – Jessica Bardsley(Chicago, IL)

*Screening: Tues. Sept 25th 1:30pm in SHORTS 6 at House of Rock

4:3, Color 16mm to Video & Archival film to Video, 2011, 35 min.
The Art of Catching takes a bordering on fiction approach to autobiography and local history. It is a landscape-based film that features two main stories that overlap and interweave over time. One story recounts personal memories of growing up in a working class Florida family haunted by poverty and grief. The other story is made of journal entries from an imaginary woman who was asked to accompany a group of men on an expedition through the Florida Everglades. Their aim is to hunt down and capture the Florida Skunk –a racist, mythic symbol. Along the way, Florida’s colonial legacy is laid bare.


Directed – Rene Rhi (Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico/Brownsville, Texas)

*Screening: Tues. Sept 25th 1:30pm in SHORTS 3 at Art Museum of South Texas

Miguel Canales and his wife learn that their 3-year-old daughter has a brain tumor and needs surgery. Running out of options, he decides that his only choice is to work in the United States. After paying a considerable fee, a smuggler agrees to guide him through the desert. As they attempt the perilous desert crossing, they come across a disoriented 9-year old girl.


Directed – Reid Waterer(Los Angeles, CA)

*Screening: Fri. Sept. 21st 5:00pm in SHORTS 2 at House of Rock

Overweight and uninspired Millie attempts to finally reconcile with her father, but his half-dressed male companions keep getting in the way.


Directed – Slawomir Milewski(Lidzbark Warminski, Poland)
*Screening: TBA

Ecstasy of St. Agnes shows a certain state of mind and/or is the short movie about love…




Directed – Eric Casaccio(W. Hollywood, CA)

*Screening: Fri. Sept. 21st 5:00pm in SHORTS 2 at House of Rock

Like the title character on Ugly Betty, Randall O’Brien knows the difficulties of following your heart and pursuing one’s dreams. Take a peek inside his little world of spiritual masks, butterflies, angels and fabulous wigs — wigs fashioned for an elegant yet freaky-looking woman named Sophia that Randall dresses up as.
As the opportunity of a lifetime knocks, interferences both real and imagined threaten to derail a major ticket to success. From a simple answering machine to an out-of-this-world human attraction, a tender soul threatens to crumble, leading to a path of self-destruction.
Randall’s true spirit must face this gruesome static in his mind before it is too late.


Directed – Brett Mauser(San Antonio/Corpus Christi,Tx)

*Screening: Sat. Sept. 22nd 7pm with THE LOONS at Comics Live Corpus Christi

Nick (Jade Esteban Estrada) is an ordinary average man, who is starting to learn who he really is. Through the help of his friends, enemies, and a narrator, Nick follows the immortal hero’s journey to his ultimate self-discovery.


Directed – Fran Mateu(Barcelona, Spain)
*Screening: Mon. Sept. 24th 6:30pm in SHORTS 5 at the House of Rock

A gothic horror story narrated in two different times by Samuel, who tells us how he met Isabel, a supernatural person, and how his life changed after meeting her.


Directed – Francesco Picone(Calcinaia, Pisa, Italy)
*Screening: Mon. Sept. 24th 6:30pm in SHORTS 5 at the House of Rock

A couple of friends in a nature hike, what was to be a quiet day of relaxation, you will soon become a nightmare without end …






Directed – A.S. Ghosh(Auburn Hills, MI)

*Screening: Sun. Sept.23rd 1pm in SHORTS 1 at House of Rock

“We take life for granted, until it takes back.” When Devin (Axel Harney) receives a painful letter, it throws his life in crisis. He becomes a creature of the night seeking life’s addictions, until he meets Sheryl (Lauren Mae Schafer) who puts his painful journey into question. This dark provocative film explores loss and how it affects those around it. Written, Produced and Directed by A. S. Ghosh, and Starring Axel Harney and Lauren Mae Schafer. Cinematography by Douglas Akers. Produced by The CineMa Co. and AxeFin Productions.


Directed – Angela Aguayo(Carbondale, IL)

*Screening: Tues. Sept. 25th 1:30pm in SHORTS 3 at Art Museum of South Texas

For over a decade, women throughout the State of Chihuahua, Mexico have been disappearing; their unidentified bodies violated and systematically dumped near maquiladoras (border town factories) and other deserted locations. Over 430 young women who have been found raped, tortured and murdered were predominantly discovered on the US/Mexico border of El Paso/Ciudad Juarez and the State’s capital,Chihuahua City.
Since 1993, over 1000 women are missing.


Directed – Sid Deluca (San Antonio, TX)

*Screening: Tues. Sept 25th 1:30pm in SHORTS 6 at the House of Rock

The Hidden world of a pair of reclusive packrats. Their Lives, their Loves, their music.


Directed – Luis Escobar(Guadalajara, Spain)
*Screening: Sun. Sept 23rd 1:00pm in SHORTS 1 at House of Rock

SO WOMANLY tells the story of Andrés, a young man whose life resembles a fairy. He is happily married to Susi, pregnant with her second child. Both are in the prime of life and everything suggests that we look at the picture of an idyllic family. Yet there is something of Andrés past that Susi does not know, when the secret is unveiled… will she be able to stand it? SO WOMANLY becomes a hymn to freedom of aesthetic, sentimental, emotional and sexual expression. The author has wanted to defend the concept of difference, and at the same time show the abstract and relative lines that separate us all, even though we insist on labels.


Directed – Gregory Hansen(Brooklyn, NY)

*Screening: Mon. Sept 24th 4:00pm in SHORTS 9 at House of Rock

When the Monsignor priest of a small church is killed by a gang of no-good hoodlums and their leader, the nuns in the church’s clergy must take revenge. But these are no ordinary nuns.

Directed – Reid Waterer(India & USA)

*Screening: Sun. Sept. 23rd 1:00pm in SHORTS 1 at House of Rock

A handsome South Asian from London visits India, falls for a local guy there, encounters a transgendered hijra, and discovers a country he only thought he knew.