First Wave of Officially Selected Films (Features) for STUFF 2012

For Immediate Release: August 8, 2012
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South Texas Underground Film
Ph: (361) 673 – 7862
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WHO: South Texas Underground Film

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival announcement of Officially selected Features

WHEN: Sept 21st – 27th, 2012

WHERE: Art Center of Corpus Christi and Downtown Corpus Christi, Texas

SOUTH TEXAS UNDERGROUND FILM’S SOUTH TEXAS UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL(STUFF) CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – South Texas Underground Film proudly announces our first wave of officially selected feature films for the South Texas Underground Film Festival that will be held Sept. 21st – Sept. 27th. We are really proud of the selections that have been chosen to screen.  We wanted to make sure that we followed our mission statement:

South Texas Underground Film’s sole mission is to engage and inspire the community by screening films without discrimination, creating new films, teaching the art of filmmaking and networking with fellow filmmakers.

South Texas Underground Film wishes to expose Local and International Underground and Independent films that are diverse in film technique, background and culture by providing a public forum to the South Texas community.

Directed – Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro (Porto Alegre, Brasil)


Directed – Blake Eckard(Stanberry, MO)

The drastic measure taken to break the cycle of a severely damaged family.






Directed – Mike Cuenca(Los Angeles, CA)

Jim (Joey Halter) is a background actor hoping to make it into the big time. His roommate is Sam (Mike Cuenca), a documentary filmmaker. When the two are evicted from their home they meet with Dio (Dan Rojay), a homeless musician, and a Catholic virgin named Mars (Steven Escot). The four descend into a life-awakening 24 hours that involve excess drinking, prostitutes, a sage-like lounge singer and psychedelic drugs.


Directed – Elias Georgopoulos(Nafplio, Greece)

Two German contract killers are hired to dig up a lost treasure for their employer. Things go wrong when the treasure accidentally ends up in the hands of three small time crooks who were committing a burglary to pay off a debt to Munir, a local crime lord. The three friends use their connection with an underground informer to trade the treasure for cash. What they don’t know is that they’re being pursued by the contract killers and Munir’s thugs.

CHRISTIAN DREADFUL Directed – Niko Kostet(Turku, Finland)

Christian is a world famous rock-star, but underneath the make-up and leather clothes, he is a former choirboy, who lost his parents in an early age, but found comfort in music, and wanted to inspire other misfortunated people like himself, with his talent. Unfortunately, producer Aleksi Roivas has allready planned the career of the next, big superstar from start to finish. Now, Christian has to hook up with a wild groupie, to save his beloved fans from total damnation.

Directed – Lindsay Denniberg(Chicago, IL)

A rock and roll horror fantasy where we meet the immortal Louise and her beloved Charlie. Unfortunately due to Louise’s supernatural origins, every man she sleeps with must die so that she can survive! A heart felt love letter to 80’s horror, punk, VHS and german expressionism.

Directed – Ericka Marsalis-LaManna (Austin, Texas)

Generation Me is a deliciously inappropriate feature comedy film about dating in the age of social networking. Specifically this film is about a singer named Malia who gets into some comedic relationship troubles via the internet.
Directed by Ericka Marsalis-LaManna, Generation Me is packed with a list of Texas all stars including: Amber Prowl, Jamie Teer (Drive Angry, The Preacher’s Daught
er), Melanie Rene (Guys From The Country, Killa Bs), Rapper/Producer Ray Sr. (Life’s On The Line Entertainment), Ben Baxter (The Ben Baxter Band), Danny “D-Train” Trevino (Fox 7), Charity Royanne Pitts, DJ Hella Yella, Dru Fay (ME TV) and more!


Directed – Daina Krumins(Westfield, New Jersey)

An eccentric female artist, an aspie kid, and his sister have to deal with gangster problems.


Directed – Rouzbeh Rashidi(Dublin, Ireland)

HE, the latest work in the ongoing collaboration between Rouzbeh Rashidi and actor James Devereaux, is a troubling and mysterious portrait of a suicidal man. Rashidi juxtaposes the lead character’s apparently revealing monologues with scenes and images that layer the film with ambiguity. Its deliberate, hypnotic pace and boldly experimental structure result in an unusual and challenging view of its unsettling subject.

Directed – Donna McRae(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Millicent, a professional musician, lectures in music at a university. She is also a recovering alcoholic who has a commemorative tattoo that stretches across her shoulder. When she decides to remove the tattoo, she encounters ghosts of her post-punk past who won’t let her move on so easily.

Directed – Mike Cuenca(Los Angeles, CA) @blvdducinema

Jerry Powell (Joey Halter) is a low-level thief with memory distrust syndrome. On the edges of sanity, Powell finds himself chased by a gang of criminals as he attempts to deliver a mysterious package for a known money-launderer.

Ontologica! – A Brief Explanation of Absolutely Everything that is Known about Absolutely Everything
Directed – Skylar Gordon(Brooklyn, NY)






Directed – Mike Ratel(Washington,D.C.)

On Your Mark, Get Set, MOW! is an up-close, high-octane and heartwarming look at the people who “live and breathe” the sport of lawnmower racing. Brought together by the “need for speed” and friendly competitiveness of the 20 to 60 miles an hour sport, these people form an emotional bond like family. The camaraderie among racers include helping each other out in the pits, as well as, the whole racing community coming together to support the Mikula family, who host an annual Huntington’s Disease race, to create awareness about the little-known disease that has devastated their family. The edge-of-your-seat lawnmower races are captured from a variety of angles, including the jaw-dropping helmet camera footage of 4-time lawnmower racing champ Jayson Mikula. Mark Bell of Film Threat says On Your Mark, Get Set, Mow! is, “a blast to watch” and added, “you just want to jump in and race yourself.”

Directed – Robert L. Camina(Dallas, Tx)

RAID OF THE RAINBOW LOUNGE is a 103 minute documentary recounting the widely publicized and controversial 2009 police raid of a Fort Worth, Texas gay bar that resulted in multiple arrests and serious injuries.
Following sordid allegations and outrage, many changes would occur in the city, and Fort Worth would become a leader in LGBT equality. However, the changes did not happen overnight and without controversy. The audience will witness history unfold as this film documents that journey from the perspective of witnesses, activists and politicians who helped changed the city.
Narrated by Meredith Baxter.
Written, directed and produced by Robert L. Camina

Directed – Matt Riddlehoover(Murfreesboro, Tn)

Writer/director Matt Riddlehoover’s upcoming comedy concerns a gay couple and the voyeuristic impulses of their downstairs neighbor.
Starring: Matt Riddlehoover, Jared Allman, Thashana McQuiston, Carson Nicely, Malachi Taylor, Cliff Burr, Devin Walls, Domiziano Arcangeli

Directed – Greame Noble(Aberdeen, Scottland)

The life of a young woman is torn apart when her family is gunned down. As she comes to terms with her loss she faces the threat of her family’s killers and an even more dangerous and evil criminal threatening her safety and the very purpose of her life; her faith in Jesus Christ.

Directed – Julie Chaffort(Bordeaux, France)

Johannes, a cursed undertaker, lost in a vast and strange land, is looking for a place to bury his lover. During his journey, Johannes will face his destiny, fighting against his curse and find the way of redemption face up to mute, fearful, mad and fallen characters.

Directed – Michal Kosakowski(Berlin, Germany)

People with different non-criminal backgrounds talk about their murder fantasies and get the chance to stage their fantasies as short films. A decade later, the director meets with these people and interviews them about current topics such as revenge, torture, war, terrorism, media, the death penalty, suicide etc. Their replies are juxtaposed with the short films based on their murder fantasies.