STUF does Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012

Texas Frightmare Weekend After a long drive from Corpus Christi, Texas to Dallas, Texas we arrived at Texas Frightmare Weekend not only as filmmakers but as fans of Horror.

It was held at the Hyatt Regency DFW. We walked around to see what we could find before the screenings and the Prom Night party.

'Back To The Future' DeLorean DMC-12 and Marty McFly

We arrived at the Hyatt to see the infamous ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’ DeLorean DMC-12. It’s always a cool experience when you see things that you’ve seen on the big screen in person.


We went to the ‘Prom Night’ Party where they were doing a costume contest and people were able to take ‘Prom’ pictures with Anthony Michael Hall, PJ Soles and Nancy Allen.

CARRIE‘ in all her bloody glory and ‘CHUCKIE’ from the ‘CHILD’S PLAY‘ franchise was at the ‘Prom’. It also seemed like we were walking into a Zombie outbreak with all the zombies walking around. We ran into Clint Howard and he was telling us about the latest project ‘HUFF‘ that he has a role in.

Clint Howard also said what I have always believed, “If we make enough noise they will hear us, especially with the way social media is. The Industry is changing.” I asked if I could take a picture of him and my wife Sylvia and he said yes. Clint Howard is one cool cat.

While we were walking around the prom floor, we ran into EDWIN NEAL the hitchhiker from the cult classic THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and ran into ‘The Predator’.

We went outside and ran into the guys from DEAR GOD NO; MADELINE BRUMBYJETT BRYANTSHANE MORTON and the director JAMES BICKERT.

If you like biker’s, boobies, a cabin with a disgraced Anthropologist hiding something in the basement and with the tagline “When the blood begins to flow…. who will be left to scream.”, then DEAR GOD NO! is a movie that you’ll want to see.

While we were outside hanging out, I caught some one in the corner of my eye, it was LAURENCE R. HARVEY, the crazy mad security guard of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II. Yup, they are in pre-production for THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III (FINAL SEQUENCE) and  I can’t wait to see how crazy THCIII is going to be. We also talked about how he used to do kid shows in the U.K. and how film was edited differently to tell the story. Mr. Harvey was just a really awesome, down to earth man. When we left he shook our hands and kissed my wife’s hand. What a way to end the first night.

Day Two

On day two we saw NORMAN REEDUS. We took pictures, chatted and he signed my DVD’s of ‘THE BOONDOCK SAINTS’ and ‘THE WALKING DEAD’.

Next we walked over to  talk to ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL, he signed my wife’s copy of ’16 CANDLES’ and he made my wife’s month by wishing her an early Happy Mother’s Day.

We ran into our friend KRISTEN HALL of POSSUM WALK , SWEATSHOP and THE TOY BOX(pre-production).

We went to the main room to see LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW. My 3-year-old grabbed the controller and went to town playing the game! LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW is a must play game especially with Blood, Sex, Rock and Roll and the awesome zombie killer named Juliet.

We then went to the screening of the premiere of ‘HUFF’. It’s a really cool movie that’s based on the classic tale of ‘THE THREE LITTLE PIGS’ but with a twist. ‘HUFF’ is directed by PAUL MORRELL and stars CHARLIE O’CONNELL, NATASHA ALAM, MARIE BOLLINGER and CLINT HOWARD.

We then watched another feature called FATHER’S DAY directed by ADAM BROOKS, JEREMY GILLESPE, MATHEW KENNEDYSTEVEN KOSTANSKI and CONNOR SWEENEY.  A very over the top, crazy picture that was a lot of fun to watch. It stars ADAM BROOKS as AHAB, MATHEW KENNEDY as FATHER JOHN SULLIVAN and LLOYD KAUFMAN as GOD/DEVIL.

Day Three

On our final day we got there early. We wanted to see everyone that we missed! we walked around to hitting up the booths, taking photos. We stop by and talk to ERNEST BORGNINE. From ‘SUPER FUZZ’ to ‘ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK‘, this man is one of the coolest!

We saw HOTROD PIPER. We also saw KELLY LINTZ‘ daughter MADISON LINTZ, who plays SOPHIA in THE WALKING DEAD. She’s one cool kiddo! She signed our pic and wrote, “stay away from the barn”.

Then we saw IRON E SINGLETON who plays T-DOG on THE WALKING DEAD and played ALTON in THE BLIND SIDE. IRON E was down to earth and we had a blast. I tried to get a picture of my son Blake with him and Blake just took off right in the middle of the snapshot. I showed IronE the pic and he said that he loved it. He also asked if we could tag him in the picture once it was posted. We love you Mr. Singleton!

We stopped by the booth that WILLIAM FORSYTHE was at  and wanted to let him know how great he was.

Then we heard an announcement over the intercom that it was TRACI LORDS birthday.  So we were off to find her because we wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday. We found her, took pictures and talked a little about her latest project EXCISION(written and directed by RICHARD BATES,JR. and starring MALCOLM MCDOWELL, MARLEE MATLIN and JOHN WATERS). EXCISION is about a girl who wants to go into the medical field and goes to extremes for her mothers approval. 

We had a great time at TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND 2012. There is plenty to do from filmmaker workshops to screenings and parties. We met a lot of amazing people and made new friends. I can’t wait until next year and hope to see you at TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND 2013!

~Contributing writer: Roel ‘Oreo’ Guevara


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