#STUFF2014 Program!

#STUFF2014 Nov 14, 15 & 16 at the Art Center of Corpus Christi & 1321

STUFF2014festBring your gorgeous selves to the

2014 South Texas Underground Film Festival!


STUF, Art Center of Corpus Christi, 1321(Community Co-Op) and Texas Archives of Moving Images(TAMI)


The 2014 South Texas Underground Film Fest



Nov. 14, 15 & 16


Art Center of Corpus Christi and 1321
in beautiful Corpus Christi, Texas!

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#STUFF2013 First Awards Announced: #MadeInCC #HechoEnTejas #LGBTQ #Sisterhood #CineDeCurios

Thank you for being patient on the awards. Congratulations to all 2013 Alumni and thank you for sharing your projects and hard work with us this year. We are truly honored. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING AWESOME!!





  • MARIA by Iina Hänninen(Thriller)
  • SAVAGE WITCHES by Clara Pais & Daniel Fawcett(Eye Candy/ Live Action Zine)
  • BREAKIN’ L.A. by Karla Lemus & Boris Castro(Documentary)


RIGHT STUFF awards will be announced no later than tomorrow(11/5/13) with the announcement of the STUFF 2013 films that are selected to screen at the Film ExChange event RXSM: Self Medicated Film Expo March 6-13, 2014 in Austin, Texas.



Texas Sized Thank You from STUFF!

903430_10202250869539359_2093114871_oEven though words cannot express how thankful we(STUFF) are, we still wish A TEXAS SIZED THANK YOU to all those who participated, attended and helped organize South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013. Thank you Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Arts and Cultural Commission for your support and for believing in STUFF. Thank you Downtown Management District, Texas Film Commission and Houston Film Commission for being AWESOME!

Panel Brunch: Independent Filmmaking - Script to Screen

Panel Brunch: Independent Filmmaking – Script to Screen

Please give an applause to Tiara Marshall for her design work and for doing our e-blasts. Treasure Marshall for being our volunteer recruiter. John Rosales for organizing the music and Eric Calvert for organizing the PubCrawl. Julia Arredondo and Anthony Pedone for doing our Social Media, PR, Marketing and organizing the STUFF Zine Fare from Austin, Tx. Thank you Anthony Pedone for being a huge support to STUFF and all of the Film ExChange Festivals and Filmmakers.
1268482_10153375946615565_539532219_oThank you Cris from Party Singularity, Travis Trevino, Jason Dominguez, Brooke Trevino, Jake Ramirez, Anthony Pedone, Robert Perez Jr and Norman Navarro for being awesome Techies, manning the screening venues and for wearing multiple hats. Thank you Josh for helping with grocery shopping. It was an adventure. Thank you Elizabeth Rosales for managing Registration and volunteers. Thank you to Debby Gonzalez and Lance Russel for being a support to our volunteers, registration and workshops. Thank you to all of the Collegiate High School, John Paul II, Miller High School, Moody High School and Goliad High School Volunteers. Union from Goliad,Tx drove everyday to Corpus Christ just to volunteer and be a part of STUFF.
1393753_674310232580239_512393873_nA HUGE thank you Veronica, Michael, Gilbert, John, Lindsey, Brett and STUFF Advisory Board Member Edward Tyndall for taking the time to share your years of experience and knowledge in the workshops and panel. Thank you Joe Garcia from Fast Custom Shirts for making our T-Shirts. Thank you to Sound Vibrations for the RCA’s. Thank you Daniel Velasquez for having a part of STUFF be a part of RealmsCon. We are looking forward to more great things to come!
614945_10153382041105565_1208630340_oThank you Casey and all of the House of Rock staff for being so helpful. Thank you to Cheers, Dr. Rockits, House of Rock and Hidden Door for being such great hosts to our attendees. Thank you to Dianna, Ava, Ameli, Jimmy, Jerry, Gus and Sarah from the Art Center for all of your support and for believing in STUFF; it really means the world to us.
1378813_10201799343120966_178242076_nThank you to our programmers; Robert Perez Jr, Anthony Pedone, Dianna Bluntzer and Niko Kostet. Thank you Art Center, House of Rock, American Bank and Dr. Rockits for being screening venues. Thank you Office Systems Center of Victoria, Texas for printing our programs. A Huge thank you to Akbar Abba, STEAM, STRIKE, STX Scene, Horror Happens, Caller Times, MovieMaker Magazine, Old Man and Bitter Girl, Gil Oteen, K-III Ch 3, KRIS Ch 6, DMC Foghorn, 1383205_728419260505856_144494356_nNueces RecordStar, Mike Everleth(BadLit: Underground Film Journal and IMDB), Do512.com, Outer Zone Media(Sergio Campa and San Antonio Crew)for doing press/media for the filmmakers and STUFF. A TEXAS SIZED thank you to Chef Claudia, Chef Jessica, Chef Randy and all of the DMC Culinary students for planning, creating and cooking the yummo BBQ and the beautiful and tasty pastries. It’s an honor to have you share your medium with us.
1378169_688066184556396_1819574813_nThank you Andrews Distributing and Hector from Pedernales Brewing Company for the awesome Texas Craft Beer. Thank you Cactus and Vine, Sarah’s Kosher Deli, Coffee Waves, La Michoacana for making our brunch yummy. Thank you Disc Go Round, Renaissance Antiques, GoGo, Threads, Street Serpents and Loveless Guitar Straps for being AWESOME!! Go out and support all these businesses that support the artists and art of moving images! STUFF_2013_DAY_1_October_3,_2013-23Thank you Variation Jazz Band, Benny Trevino, SAMC TAMU-CC, Poor Dumb Bastards, Dolly Rockers and everyone who performed during Corpus Christi First and STUFF. Thank you Micah, Kaisen and Paul for photography. Thank you Malachy and Micah for leading the fun and eventful Late night Bike Ride. Thank you to all of the filmmakers and visual artists who allowed us to show and share their work to the South Texas Community. You guys and gals are amazing! Some tears were shed when y’all left. We were very sad to see the festival end because we knew you had to go home. We are really happy to have made new friends. Cheers y’all and we will see you again!


#STUFF2013 #FilmFest #Schedule

Thank you for supporting these awesome filmmakers, workshop instructors, musicians, artists and Del Mar culinary students! Please go through the calendar and pick the films and events you wish to attend. Click on the name and it will expand to a description. You can add each event and screening, you wish to attend, to your google calendar. Thank you for being AWESOME!!!
STUFF 2013

Here is the final schedule for STUFF 2013:
You will find the most accurate information here!

#STUFF2013 presented by @CorpusParks Sat Oct 5th screenings at Harvin Center #Experimental #LiveActionZine #SciFi #Horror #War #DarkComedy

South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013(STUFF 2013) presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation announces Saturday Oct 5th screenings at Harvin Center’s Retama Room.

WHO: South Texas Underground Film(STUF) & Richardson Performance Hall

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation

WHEN: Saturday October 5th, 2013

WHERE: Harvin Center’s Retama Room


by Rouzbeh Rashidi(Ireland)
Genre: Experimental|Horror
A mysterious loner, perhaps a poet, journeys through a series of uncanny surrealistic landscapes with an unclear purpose. His adventure is divided into three sections.

savage witches2:15pm

by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais(UK)
Genre: Experimental
Savage Witches is a playful, poetic and experimental film about two teenage girls who want nothing but to play games, dress up and have adventures, but when they find themselves in conflict with the world around them they set out to transform it and break free! The film attempts to satisfy all their wishes for freedom. They are aided by a magic key which unlocks the film allowing process to mix with its creation, artifice and reality to intermingle. But when Gretchen and Margarita are confronted with reality, it becomes clear that there is a vast gap between what they say they want and what they really want. However, once the game has been set in motion they are swept along in the film’s momentum and have to see it through to the end. savage witches2
Savage Witches is a colourful collage of sounds and images that has been created using all manner of processes and formats from VHS and Super 8 to drawn animation and hand-coloured frames, resulting in a bold and expressionistic exploration of the art of cinema.

4pm SHORTS 12

  • THE TRIP by Michael Cory
  • MIMSY’S GRAVE by Rodrigo Cirpiano
  • Operation Einzelgänger by Pablo Schmitt
  • THE SPECIALISTS by Brett Mauser

#STUFF2013 presented by @CorpusParks announces Sun Oct 6th Harvin Center Screenings #student #documentary #comedy #drama

South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013(STUFF 2013) presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation announces Sunday Oct 6th screenings at Harvin Center’s Retama Room.

WHO: South Texas Underground Film(STUF) & Film ExChange

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation

WHEN: Sunday October 6th, 2013

WHERE: Harvin Center’s Retama Room


12pm SHORTS 7 Student Shorts

Student films TBA

1pm SHORTS 8 Comedy

margot rourkeMARGOT ROURKE & THE BOYS CLUB Texas Premiere
by Susan Burke(Ca)
presented by Film ExChange
Before Lisa Lampanelli and Sarah Silverman shocked audiences with dirty jokes and raised questions of a woman’s place in comedy, there was Mae West. And at the same time as Mae West, there was Margot Rourke, who nobody has heard of but who was responsible for the greatest dirty ditty of all time. This is her story.

adult contemporaryADULT CONTEMPORARY Regional Premiere
by Sean Ferris(Pa)
A belated birthday gift card and a CD shop allow Robbie Clarke to fall back to an era of overproduced soft rock ballads.

aryl n ybur

ARYL & YBUR Texas Premiere
by Tara Tusher(Co)
A dark comedy about the demise of an uptight teen documentarian embarking on a career-changing interview with two little girls with wolfitis.

CALL ME CRAZY Regional Premiere
by Beau Batterson & Adam Orton(Il)
The romantic comedy gets twisted when a cannibal and a vampire fall in love in an insane asylum.

by Audrey Noone(Ma)
The zombie apocalypse decimated Amy Kidd’s speech therapy practice. What can she do to rebuild her practice? Zombie’s can’t talk — she can teach them! Follow Amy’s adventures as she starts her zombie charm school!



2pm SHORTS 9 Drama

HIT AND RUN Texas Premiere
by Luke McKay(Australia)
A pregnant girl’s frantic taxi ride to a hospital takes an unexpected detour.

PALABRAS PENDIENTES(Things Left Unsaid) Texas Premiere
by Juan Carlos Guerra(Spain)
Lucía and Marta are a couple that is going through a crucial and difficult moment in their respective lives. Their relationship is affected and they avoid opening up to each other. Both of them will have to face their own conflict and work out their future together.

Is this it


IS THIS IT? Texas Premiere
by Graeme Noble(UK)
A young man contemplates his journey in life by asking what the purpose of life is really is.




VARTUL(CIRCLE) Texas Premiere
by Santosh Ram(India)
Damu, a 10year old boy, leaves his home to buy Jagarry. On the way he meets his friend Manya. They stop at a Bioscopewallah. Damu realizes that he does not having enough money and decides to earn some quick money. His greed takes him to play a game. After the game, Damu goes to the shop.

without a notch of blueWITHOUT A NOTCH OF BLUE World Premiere
by Sumantra Roy(India)
It’s a tale of a couple, of love, knowledge, alienation – of bewilderment, a story of their affiliation in all its heightened dimensions out in the open through a crazy journey in the middle of the night.

first daysFIRST DAYS US Premiere
by Cinema Ensemble(Ohad Regev)(Israel)
Sometimes, we find we forgot simple things, like ‘how to love’. Sometimes, a simple instruction can remind us.
A couple re-falls-in-love on a film set.


by Trish Dalton(Tx)
A journey through Brownsville, Texas on the 4th of July, introducing a community divided by the US border fence.
While local residents prepare for the 4th of July parade, picnics, and fireworks, they reflect on their frustrations with the fence, discussing the many repercussions it has on their safety, property rights, families and freedom, as well as what the fence means for America.

by Mahmoud Yossry(Egypt)
A short documentary about sexual suppression problems with guys in Egypt. They cant have adult relations because it’s great sin and a big shame in culture and religion. At the same time they can’t marry easily because marriage needs money and responsibility.

by Will O’Loughlen(Tx)
The film “254” is about the ultimate Texas road trip, one that lasts 15 years, stops in all 254 counties and covers the better part of 260,000 plus square miles. I’m not from Texas but my mother is San Antonio born and bred. I lived in Austin for a spell in the 90’s. I don’t want to boast but I know more about Texas than most Texans ever will. But it wasn’t handed to me – I earned it – through every mile. Every planned and unplanned encounter with the people, places, and things that make this the best (should be) nation in the world. What did I get out of it? More than bragging rights, I got an experience that can never be duplicated or replaced.

pinch point


by Bradley Stearn(UK)
A documentary film that discusses the hot topic about motorists and cyclists in Cambridge, UK.



*All films are not rated and may contain content not suitable for young and sensitive viewers. Discretion is advised.

#STUFF2013 announces Sun Oct 6th screenings at @HouseoRock #Experimental #Documentary #Horror #Skater #Punk #Music #AntagonistArtMovement

South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013(STUFF 2013) presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation announces Sunday Oct. 6th screenings at House of Rock.

WHO: South Texas Underground Film(STUF), Film ExChange

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival Presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation

WHEN: Sunday October 6th, 2013

WHERE: House of Rock


dias como navajas12:30pm DIAS COMO NAVAJAS(Days Like Razors) Regional Premiere
by pitu.the.kid(Chile)
Genre: Experimental Documentary
A visual collage that tells a raw and honest story of five teenagers within the marginal line of Valparaiso, Chile; mixing with a series of protest by a group of skateboarders that demand spaces free from repression.

*WARNING: You must be 18 or older to enter this screening. ID’s will be checked at the door.

by Ethan H. Minsker(Ny) presented by Film ExChange
Genre: Documentary
Channeling the Mexican Zapatista movement, The Dolls of Lisbon is New York City’s Antagonist Art Movement’s latest calling. Featuring artists from The United States, Ecuador, Portugal, and fellow Antagonist Artists in Europe. This documentary focuses on the labors of the artist, begging the question: If you knew being an artist would be this much of a struggle, would you still have taken this path? In addition, the film also includes a unique soundtrack of underground musicians, and an innovative use of Super 8mm film and stop motion animation.

by Jason Wyche(US) presented by Film ExChange
Genre: Documentary
“Never Records-You Are Not Listening” is a feature length documentary by Jason Wyche about artist/musician Ted Riederer and his ongoing Never Records project. The documentary explores the power of art and music to unite, educate, and uplift a community. In an era overwhelmed by virtual communities, Riederer is attempting to create actual communities.

4:30pm GUT Texas Premiere
by Elias(Ca)
Genre: Horror
Family man Tom has seen something he can’t forget, a mysterious video with an ugly secret that soon spreads into his daily life and threatens to dismantle everything around him.

*All films are not rated and may contain content not suitable for young and sensitive viewers. Discretion is advised.

#STUFF2013 presented by @CorpusParks screenings Sunday Oct. 6th at @DMC_RPH #LGBT #Docs #Drama #Fantasy #Comedy #Horror

South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013(STUFF 2013) presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation announces Sunday Oct. 6th screenings at Richardson Performance Hall

WHO: South Texas Underground Film(STUF), Richardson Performance Hall

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation

WHEN: Sunday October 6th, 2013

WHERE: Richardson Performance Hall


12pm BREAK THROUGH Texas Premiere by Aaron Hosé(US/Aruba)
Genre: Documentary
In September 2010, 18 year-old Tyler Clementi took his own life following the online posting of a secret video, made by his roommate, of Tyler’s sexual encounter with another male student. This tragedy and betrayal touched people across the country, but none more intensely than young adults questioning modern sexual mores and how they affect their own sexual identities. Break Through is a raw, eye-opening documentary following a group of impassioned theatre students who come together to produce a play aiming to shed light on the many stigmas and equality-rights issues faced by LGBT youth in the United States today. Throughout the creative process, they face the truths about themselves and their families. In the end, they learn the importance of self-acceptance and of overcoming their fears, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Break Through (trailer) from Aaron Hose on Vimeo.

1:15pm MARCH ON
by Laura McFerrin(Tx)
From Stonewall to the Castro, from Arlington with Leonard Matlovich to Dan Choi, the movie, March On, tells the story of the Equality Movement through the lives of five families. Same sex marriage performed in 1987 illegally to fleeting legality in 2008 San Francisco, March On celebrates the many faces of marriage.

3:05pm SHORTS 11

MEME by Adolfo Mora(Tx)
Genre: Drama
A broken mirror inspires a personal reflection.

Finding franklinFINDING FRANKLIN Texas Premiere by Alex Bohs
Genre: Drama
Upon returning home for the funeral of her grandfather, Violet finds that she has been left with more than just mementos but also a mystery – a man named Franklin.

WELCOME TO NY Texas Premiere by Steven Tylor O’Connor(Ny)
Genre: Comedy
The story of five young people’s unique first experiences in New York City who get help navigating the Big Apple with the help of the unorthodox Dr. Kitty Rosenblatt (Sherry Vine). Film features Sean Paul Lockhart and Casper Andreas.

THE GAME OF LIFE by Cedric T. Smith(Tx)
Genre: Drama
Julian, a terminally ill man, wants to see his ex-partner, Brandon, one last time much to the displeasure of his current partner, Alex. Featuring “Sapphire” by The Noise Revival Orchestra.

4:45pm I LOVE YOU, APPLE, I LOVE YOU, ORANGE Regional Premiere
by Horam Kim(Mi)
Genre: Experimental Drama
A lonely woman struggles to reconcile her romantic relationship with a man and the talking fruits, vegetables, and evil ham that occupy her house.

6:40pm DWELLINGS CLOSE World Premiere by Jorge Cuaik(Uk/Mexico)
Genre: Fantasy
Ken an estate agent from London is mysteriously locked in one of his employer’s properties at number eight Dwellings Close. Inside he meets Gem, an eccentric young woman who claims to be the property’s new tenant, together they will try to find a way out.’ Dwellings Close is a tiny fantasy adventure feature film, home made in London, for >5k ($USD not £ !) in a little less than ten days by a small group of people who really hope you enjoy it.

by Brett William Mauser(Tx)
Genre: Comedy
News photographer Bryce has been working in the South Texas local news industry for several years, trying to get enough money to produce his own film. In this narrative, Bryce takes us through the daily grind of working local news and introduces us to the characters who work in front of and behind the camera.

by Comedia A Go-Go (Regan Arevalos, Jess Castro & Larry Garza)(Tx)
Genre: Comedy Horror
When the anniversary of their grandmother’s death arrives, four cousins who are as close as brothers use it as an opportunity to reconnect on a road trip to the Texas Rio Grande Valley in an effort to pay their respects and visit distant relatives. As they close in on their destination, they learn about their family’s shrouded past and uncover dark secrets that wearily tread the line between real issues and unreal powers. What begins as a long drive filled with laughter and memories ends in a chaotic culmination of past and present transgressions. In a film that blends comedy, Mexican folklore and terror – BLOOD COUSINS puts a new spin on the typical revenge film and defines the word, ‘retribution’.

#STUFF2013 presented by @CorpusParks announces Sat Oct 5th Screenings&Festivities @ArtCenterCC

South Texas Underground Film Festival 2013(STUFF 2013) presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation and Music Walk announces Saturday Oct. 5th screenings & Festivities at Art Center of Corpus Christi.

WHO: South Texas Underground Film(STUF), Art Center of Corpus Christi & Film ExChange

WHAT: South Texas Underground Film Festival presented by Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation

WHEN: Saturday October 5th, 2013

WHERE: Art Center of Corpus Christi


5:30pm Music in the courtyard begins with VARIATION Jazz Band. Badge Holder Mixer will be on the second level.

7:30pm BILLY BANG: LONG OVER DUE Regional Premiere
by Oscar Sanders(Ny) – Filmmaker in Attendance
Genre: Jazz Documentary
Explains the dynamics and thought process of musicians when putting music together and performing as well as the energy that they feed on. It is hardly ever explained but is always experienced by the listener; using the late jazz composer/violinist Billy Bang as the catalyst.

9pm SHORTS 6
Filmmakers in Attendance

Broken down the walls NathanMOVEMENT 3 – BROKEN DOWN THE WALLS
The Curse, The Cross & The Lion Symphony
Music by Nathan Felix(Tx)
Directed by Black Weaver; Axios
Genre: Music Video

KAKO SAM OSTAO BEZ KRILA(How I lost My Wings)Texas Premiere
by Ivan Tasic(Serbia)
Through the series of introspective views on personal conflicts of ideological and iconographic normative with general spiritual and moral thoughts, man, although physically passive, by using his dreams and memories he reconstructs semicentennial period of the country that doesn’t exist anymore.
“If we are sown from the same though, and if our branches have grown towards the same sky, why then were our different words cut off at the roots?!”

THE PLUM TREE World Premiere by Kippy Edge(Tx)
Genre: Animation
A story about a boy and a girl who grow up under the shade of a plum tree. They share the joys and sorrows of life as they grow old together.

VARTUL(CIRCLE) Texas Premiere by Santosh Ram(India)
Genre: Drama
Damu, a 10 yr old boy, leaves his home to buy Jagarry. On the way he meets his friend Manya. They stop at a Bioscopewallah. Damu realizes that he does not have enough money and decides to earn some quick money. This greed takes him to play a game. After the game, Damu goes to the shop. But he will walk back with tearful eyes….

OnTheBorderON THE BORDER Regional Premiere by Ahmed Gharib(Egypt)
Genre: Documentary
In the southern part of Egypt, the government calls them fish smugglers after the fisheries of this part of the Nile was privatized. It was the only place for them to make a living, and will always be.

THE SOUL OF THE EAST SIDE by Veronica R. Hernandez(Tx)
Genre: Documentary
Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr, 1000’s march the streets in the East Side of San Antonio, Texas. Documents one of America’s largest Martin Luther King marches.

by Seyed Mohsen Pourmohseni Shakib(Iran)
In a war videogame, where even the sun is evil, four missiles fired from a military airplane decide to destroy the world. But fortunately the children who live inside that game find a way to stop them.




Genre: Drama
Mute hippie carpenter Jay C. races against the clock to deliver a handmade wooden cross to a church client in time to meet his forbidden love. A traffic accident forces him to carry the cross on foot, followed by an increasing multitude of devotees along the way.

by Joe Medeiros(Ca)
Genre: Documentary
Presented by Film ExChange
An unlikely thief. An unthinkable theft. An unsolved mystery. Until now.
It’s the greatest little-known art theft of all time. With the most unlikely thief. And no one knows why he really did it. Until now. More than 100 years after the theft of the Mona Lisa, writer/director Joe Medeiros finds the real reason Vincenzo Peruggia stole the masterpiece from the Louvre — a reason Peruggia’s only daughter didn’t even know.